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Sharing a code for creating ""
Big Grin

The above ZIP file contains the script "pack.bat", which uses 7-Zip to create "windows_injection.7z".
I have written the following code, which uses PowerShell to create "", which also works with Ventoy Injection Plugin. As PowerShell is a Windows built-in app, the third-party apps "7za32.exe" and "7za64.exe" are not needed. Just copy the following code into a CMD/batch script, which can then be used in place of "pack.bat". The "internal" folder, which contains the said third-party apps, can simply be deleted.

@echo off & CD /d "%~dp0" & Set "[ZIP]=windows_injection"
If exist "%[ZIP]" Del "%[ZIP]"
PowerShell Compress-Archive """X\*""" """%[ZIP]%"""
Mode con cols=72 lines=10 & color 17 & Echo.
Echo  ======================================================================
If exist "%~dp0%[ZIP]" (Echo.
Echo  The following file has been created in the current working directory.
Echo. & Echo  "%[ZIP]") else (Echo.
Echo  The operation has failed for some reason.)
Echo  ======================================================================

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