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Preserve some space at the end of the disk
Hi all.
Could someone explain to me what is the utility of the section "Preserve some space at the end of the disk", which is within the partition configuration.
Is it necessary or advisable to make use of this section and preserve some space at the end of the disc?
Thank you.
It is useful is some cases
1. You want to manually make the space at the end into a third partition afterwards which you can format and use as you wish
2. Some fake USB flash drives may appear to be 64GB but are actually only 16GB. By reserving 48GB you can ensure the two Ventoy partitions only uses memory which actually exists
3. Some BIOSes in MBR mode try to access whole 'cylinders', so for best compatibility on older, buggy. Legacy BIOSes, you can reserve 8MB or so of space at the very end to prevent getting errors from these rare BIOSes.

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