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Menu Alias Plugin Display Order
Hello guys,

I need a bit of help here.

I used the Menu Alias Plugin to list my ISO files.

I assumed that at boot time the entries will be displayed in the order that I had listed them in the plugin, but they are listed in the alphabetical order of the .ISO files instead.

I want all .ISO files to be listed in the order that I specify in the plugin.
WITHOUT renaming the files, how can I accomplish that?

Thank you,
Menu alias only change the display name of the ISO file. It doesn't affect the order of the menu.
By default all the ISO files are ordered alphabetically.
The only way you can change the order is to use image list plugin.
With image list plugin, you need to list all the ISO files that you want to display in the boot menu.
Ventoy will no longer search for the ISO files anymore if you use image list plugin.
For example, if you only list 3 ISO files in the list then there will be only 3 items in the boot menu even you may have 20 ISO files in the USB stick.
Thank you for the answer Longpanda, this is a question that I had for quite a while, but never got around to ask, up until now.
I will implement your solution with the next release of Ventoy.

All the best,

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