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Ventoy Fails to Restore O/S

I am trying to restore my obsolete computers by ventoy but failed. My steps:
  1. I am using Ventoy1.0.59 to restore Linux or Ubantu
  2. No errors while making USB disk
  3. While the computer fails to recognize the bootable USB. It says "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Midea in Selected Boot device and press a Key"

What is wrong? And how to solve it?

1. Which BIOS mode did you use ?  Legacy BIOS mode  or UEFI mode? Change to another BIOS mode and try.

2. Did you test in different computers? All of them have the same problem?

3. Did you test with different USB sticks? All of them have the same problem?

4. If you use Rufus to write an ISO file (e.g. Ubuntu) to the same USB, can it boot OK?

5. What's your computer Vendor/Model ?

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