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The "DO_NOT_RUN_Ventoy2Disk_HERE" comes up no matter where I attempt to execute Ventoy.  Please understand I am very new to this site, so some obvious things to many of you are a preponderance to me.  I have numerous drives (which keeps Microsoft from ruining data and apps) on my computer (Win10 32GB). So can someone please tell me where to run "Ventoy2Disk" with this background information
- Downloaded ZIP to /E:
- Want to build Ventoy2Disk on 256GB drive on /R:
Besides, there are many videos about how to use Ventoy in YouTube.
Extract the files to a folder on your Windows system (e.g. CSmile and then run the exe.
You do NOT copy the executable to the USB drive because it is going to erase/partition and format the USB drive!
no matter where I download the file, or where it is expanded to, I always get the message  "Don't run me here..." I've been through at least a dozen scenarios.  Being stuck at this early stage is very frustrating. There must be something simple I am missing!

Found the problem:

the version downloaded from one of the sites does not have the correct data.  Downloading from Ventoy correctly (my error) all works well.  

Sorry for any upheaval

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