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Windows 10 issues
I've faced a problem booting windows 10 ISO. After selecting appropriate menu entry i see black screen with underscore and after couple of seconds it gets me back to previous menu.
As far as I can see, last entries on logs are "no mapping". It tries couple of times and exit.
bonus question: is there a built-in option in ventoy for logging rather than editing boot entries manually?
Any help would be much appreciated.
no thoughts?
Which W10 ISO are you trying to BOOT into?

I have no issues BOOTing into W10 Installation ISOs using both the current AIO and the most recent LTSC editions... BUT I'm sure I use Ventoy a bit differently than you.

If you're willing, a quick test scenario to eliminate a possible issue that may be affecting others in a different way.  When you unpack VENTOY for installation purposes, you'll find a "ventoy" folder located inside the "plugin" folder.  Copy that entire "ventoy" folder to the ROOT of Partition #1 (where your ISOs are located).  Then EDIT the JSON file located in that folder and change the "display_mode": "GUI" item under "Theme" to "display_mode": "CLI"

This will change the GUI interface to the TEXT mode interface by DEFAULT.  When you BOOT the VENTOY disk, it will come up in a DOS-like presentation with the ARROW/ENTER keys as your navigation instruments.

Try BOOTing your Windows ISOs in this mode to see if they work.  You may rid yourself of these simple changes just by deleting the "ventoy" folder you copied to Partition #1.  Let us know if any of your W10 ISOs BOOT successfully while in this DEFAULT TEXT mode.

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