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RE: Pathing edit - longpanda - 10-16-2022

...Ventoy/LIVE WINDOWS/ <--------- This pattern is hard coded now and can not be changed.

RE: Pathing edit - Reyes - 10-16-2022

(10-16-2022, 11:36 AM)AlexBryansk Wrote: The previous post was for the user  "nguyen ha thai trong".

If you need  1(press)  instead of  2(press) then I already wrote. 
Add a photo as is and how you want to receive.

yes thats what i want!
can u tell me how to do it?

if u already did im sorry i didnt understand how

RE: Pathing edit - AlexBryansk - 10-16-2022

As I wrote above. This was the case in earlier versions. It's more functional now. On the issue of the change, the author of ventoy, Mr. longpanda, has already written to you. The topic can be closed.