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New Ventoy user questions - 2020 - 01-24-2022

Hi im new to Ventoy

I've been using Rufus which is very solid but wanted to try a good multi boot option ive used YUFI in the past, I had some questions.

Since I've been using Rufus ii was wondering if ventoy had - image options, standard, Extended installation support (Disables TPM/Secure Boot Windows To Go.

Can you create Windows To Go with ventoy like you can with rufus and Disables TPM/Secure Boot,  if not how could i do this  or can I still just use rufus ?
can ventoy do everything rufus and Easy2Boot  can if not what are the missing features ?

I can see you dont have Legacy support so cant run things like windows xp  would this fix the issue

Can I still run portable apps ?

RE: New Ventoy user questions - zeit - 01-24-2022

You can find answers to almost all your questions here

RE: New Ventoy user questions - Steve2926 - 01-24-2022

Yes, you can skip the TPM check.
and it supports booting from VHD.

Easy2Boot includes a version of Ventoy (and you can also add the latest version of Ventoy as an image too) and the E2B website even has pages on how to install Win11 using Ventoy on a system with no TPM.

RE: New Ventoy user questions - Midas - 01-24-2022

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