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GPT compatibility - perico - 08-01-2021

I have a Toshiba Satellite P755 bought 10 years ago. Of course it must be started in legacy bios mode. Since I have another very recent computer (Lenovo), I configured Ventoy in safe mode and Uefi with GPT not MBR. In the first instance my USB did not boot on the Satellite and I thought it was one of the rare computers not compatible with GPT. Fortunately, I was able to solve it by setting the bios to normal boot and not fast mode and thus I was able to boot successfully on both machines with a single USB drive. I mention this in case anyone experiences the same problem. Smile

RE: GPT compatibility - Steve2926 - 08-03-2021

Fast mode means the BIOS will not detect USB drives before booting to the internal hard disk.
You must disable Fast mode to boot from USB.