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[THEMES] Ventoy visual customization - Midas - 10-19-2020

As noted by Ventoy's developer, theming info should be posted here at "Ventoy Plugin Forum".

To make finding them easier, I decided to kick-start this thread devoted to theming Ventoy.

For preliminary info, check the Theme Plugin help at

Feel free to roll in your own; to make it easier for everyone, please follow some simple guidelines when posting:

  1. Write the theme's name or some unique identifier in the "Post subject";
  2. An image is worth a thousand words, so post a screenshot if you can;
  3. Post a clean clearly readable link to any related site/downloads, please.

Although there's no lack of related resources and info on the net, here's a rather complete video about creating a Ventoy USB just to help out any beginners -- theming info starts at 3:28". 

Next, I'll be posting my current theme.

RE: [THEMES] Ventoy visual customization - Midas - 11-26-2020

Unfortunately, I had a catastrophic Windows laptop crash after I posted this that rendered me unable to post the info/files I had gathered.

While I work at fixing it, here's a couple of local pointers.