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Full Version: 【Important】How to update iVentoy version
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Attention: Never upgrade in the form of decompressing and then overwriting the old version of the files.

Please use the new version as follows:
1. Decompress the new release
2. Copy   data/config.dat file from the old version to the data  directory of the new version.
3. Cut/Move all the ISO files under iso directory from the old version to the new version.

Then all the configuration in the old version will be kept.
I am not sure to understand correctly what you wrote.
1) As first step, must we install (decompress) the new version in a different directory?
2) What you wrote in steps 2 and 3 could me thinking it is enough to backup data/config.dat file from the old release, overwrite all decompressing the new release over the old one folder and restoring the old data/config.dat file in the data directory of the new release overwriting the new one.
Is it a working alternative?
1. YES,the new vesion must decompress in a different directory.
2. Your method can work in theory, but you must stop the iVentoy service firstly. If the iVentoy service is running, then some files in the old directory are protected and can
not be overwritten. So if you forget to stop the iVentoy service and just decompress the new version to overrite the old release, then you will get a half updated version which
will not work OK.  That's why I suggest my update method.
Thank you very much for your help.

Then a working procedure to update iVentoy could be the following:
1) Stop the iVentoy service.
2) Backup the <iVentoy_Dir>/data/config.dat file.
3) Extract the new release in the same folder of the installed release, overwriting all.
4) Restore the saved copy of the config.dat file to <iVentoy_Dir>/data directory, overwriting the new one.
You don't need step2 and step4, because there is no  data/config.dat file in a new version, so it will not be overwritten.
So you just need to decompress the new version to overwrite all the old files.
But again, don't remember to stop iVentoy service firstly, or the update will not fully success without any prompt, and if it doesn't work OK you will think that
there is some bug in new version.
Thank you for the clarification.

Is there any roadmap to get iVentoy into an offiical docker container?

That would resolve the upgrade issues and allow for easier provisioning of exact versions of Iventoy for testing and development.

As it stands, there seems to be a few kicking about at the moment, but none of them seem to be particularly well laid out at the moment, their permissions are all over the place and no two are the same as they have exposed various different variables. Most of the exsiting ones are also likely one-off attempts from randoms that will abandon the container within the next release.

An official container would help standardize iVentoy and also make it MUCH more accessible to the Freenas/Unraid communities and just uers in general, it would likely drive traffic and eyes to the project to give it the respect that it deserves.

Have you thought about putting together an official container or maybe reaching out to to see if they would be interested to do it?