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Full Version: Call vtoymnt.bat automatically?
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I am trying to get the minstall programs to load automatically in Sergei Strelec latest ISO, and I have tried calling the vtoymnt.bat from startnet.cmd by editing it in the strelec10x64Eng.wim (for example) and resaving the ISO. 

This does not mount Y: as I expected, but my changes do show up in the x:\window\system32\startnet.cmd file. I have tried using both of the following: 

start x:\vtoymnt.bat Y
call x:\vbtoymnt.bat Y 

Is there a different way I can accomplish this, or am I using the wrong commands/syntax?
Never mind, I figured it out. 

For anyone else trying to figure it out: 

You can edit \Windows\System32\pecmd.ini in the wim files under the SSTR folder of the iso, and add 'EXEC X:\VTOYMNT.BAT Y' just before the 1st line you see the 1st command starting Minst. 
Then when sergei boots from pxe, it will automatically have all the apps ready.