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How to use Ventoy installed USB normally
Hello Guys,

I've actually got a question.
I read on the main site that 'USB Normal Use unaffected' as one of the features of Ventoy. So If I were to install Windows 10 onto the USB using ventoy, Can I copy other files like softwares onto it as well, so that I can have both Windows 10 and necessary softwares on one single USB? Can I use this USB and install the softwares from it? Would it cause any problems?
Also, is there any tutorials available for installing Windows 10 ISO onto the USB with ventoy? Any links would be highly appreciated.

Please Help.

Thanks in advance. Smile
Even Microsoft has abandoned any effort to provide Windows on a USB (old "Windows To Go" program).  The main problem is that Windows, on an UEFI BOOTed System really needs exclusive use of that FAT partition that Ventoy provides... I don't think the two of them can co-exist there.

What you can do is use the rest of the VENTOY prepared device for most anything you want... files, installers, extra storage, whatever, and still have the VENTOY experience when using the separate device.  Ventoy prepares the non-FAT partition by DEFAULT as an exFAT formatted partition.  Windows 10 understands this format just fine.  But you aren't limited to exFAT.  You may reformat the exFAT partition to NTFS and use it just like a standard Win10 partition.  The whole thing is pretty flexible... just not quite as flexible as you're describing above.
Basically this utility create 2 partitions in your USB drive.
Using Windows Computer Management (or any disk director)
- Delete both partitions (volume)
- Then you get full USB storage as unallocated
- Re create partition and format it.

If you want to use any free space after created the bootable USB drive with Ventoy.
- Using a disk director program eg Aconis Disk Director.
- Resize the primary partion so you get free (unallocate) space to create another partition.
- Format the new partition and you can use as normal USB storage.
(08-22-2020, 04:03 PM)amalsk Wrote: any tutorials available for installing Windows 10 ISO onto the USB with ventoy?
It is so easy you don't need tutorials. Just install Ventoy and then copy *any* ISO on the USB drive. And you're ready to go.

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