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Ventoy USB creates with Windows. Can I update with Linux version?
I have a Ventoy GPT USB stick where the BOOTISOS folder is on its 1st partition as an EXT2 (not ExFAT).

I used the option tab for GPT and SEcure Boot to create the USB. It was created using the v1.0.15, then the 1st partition was reformatted before adding all ISOs into the BOOTISOS folder.

Question: Since this was done via Windows, 
  • would it matter if I updated the USB via the Linux Ventoy version? 
  • AND, do the options need to be respecified or will the update feature notice the options that was used in creating the USB via Windows?
Thanks in advance and thanks, again, for the support you provided earlier with my questions and your FATDOG Linux validation.
P.S. I did explain before that I had added the SuperGRUB2 (SG2D) ISO to Ventoy that is created for Secureboot enabled. Using it allows any ISOs that uses GRUB2 with a loopback.cfg file to boot even though those ISOs are build to ONLY run on PCs with secureboot disabled. This includes Ubuntu derivatives, Puppy Linux distros created since January, 2020.
o   Steps:

  1.      Boot the Ventoy USB
  2.      Select SuperGrub2 ISO
  3.      Hit the Enter keep allowing it to present all compliant ISOs it sees
  4.      Select an ISO to boot 
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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