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How can I use partition 3 for my iso’s
Yeah, Thanks. i get all that...

How can i point ventoy to get its iso’s from partition 3?

I need partition 1 For working on old machines.
Ive got modern machines I can use to copy the iso’s to 3.

I currently have an iso of freedos with ranish partition manager on it
On both partitions (1 and 3) and i boot to that and renumber 1 to 3
And 3 to 1 so i can boot my iso’s that need to save things
Then when im done i boot to that freedos and swap the
Partition number again so i can get to my stuff on any machine again

Is there a 1 i can change to a 3 somewhere during install or on the ventoy
Partition 2 ?

Is that what offset 41 is here:

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