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How can I use partition 3 for my iso’s
I saw some 512k Bytes thing 
where i suppose i could Find it and edit it 
to 11 maybe

But i want to know if theres an easier way before i try that

Ps: heres the reason i need that. I fix computers and 
I need a flash drive that i can copy people pictures etc 
to partition 1 (Some have win7) Then i install windows
From part3, then i install things like chrome, open office
From part1 then i backup the whole thing by booting to
Rescuezilla on part 3 and saving the backup to part 1.

I would not need 3 partitions if i could boot an iso from
partition 1 and be able to save Backups to partition 1, 
but i cant For some reason.
Maybe its already mounted by ventoy or maybe its read only?
Idk but if i could just put those iso’s on partition 3,
I can do it all

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How can I use partition 3 for my iso’s - by PC_Doctor - 07-23-2020, 11:44 AM

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