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 Image is torn into lines and stretched significantly, on Windows Boot.
Hello everyone,  I have the problem when I want to start a Windows image with iventoy that my display is incorrect. The image is torn into lines and stretched significantly. See pictures..  Ubuntu, however, starts without any problems.  I tested Windows 10 and Windows 11.  Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone help here?

Thank you


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Hi Ramset.
Yes, this rather frequent. Maybe you can avoid it by trying resolutions before launching the image ...
Number of us are expecting a significant amelioration in the next version.

That said, if you are working in unattended mode for Windows, it should work correctly if your unattended.xml script is OK.
Okay for everyone who had this problem... its an Resolution Problem. I had an 1440P Screen but the resolution who worked for me is 1024x768. I hope you find yours Smile

Good Luck.

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