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 Truecrypt Rescue ISO not working.
(sorry, translate with google)

Start the ISO on a USB stick with Ventoy.
In the next menu only 'Boot in memdisk mode' works for Truecrypt (TS).
Truecrypt-Rescue starts.
If the Truecrypt|Windows-Loader is then restored with F8, the query comes from TS:  Disk 0?  y/n
After y(es) the loader is written to the disk 0, but it's the USB-stick! Of course, after that the stick no longer boots and the TS-drive was not updated.
For CDs, TS does not mix up hard drives, the first real hard drive is used. 
In the BIOS I can define the USB stick as a CD, but Ventoy no longer boots as a CD.

The Ventoy stick should somehow be recognized in the system as a CD (or as a Not-Harddisk-Thing) not as a hard drive. 

Then TS would do everything right.
In legacy mode - if you boot from a USB drive it will be drive 0

So simply answer n for TS: Disk 0? y/n
and enter the correct drive number (usually 1).
Thanks, but dont work.
TS did not ask for another Disks.
After n it shows only the menu.
An Easy2boot USB multiboot USB drive should work. Give the truecrypt rescue iso file a .iso01 file extension.

If e2b works, you can add e2b (legacy) to a Ventoy USB drive
Sorry, but I switched from E2B to Ventoy.
And now should I use E2B again? grrr Smile
Can't Ventoy develop a parameter so that it is not recognized as Drive 0?
Or recognized as a CD-Drive? Or something like that.
Please give me your Truecrypt Rescue ISO
(11-13-2023, 05:27 PM)nguyen ha thai trong Wrote: Please give me your Truecrypt Rescue ISO

Thank you.
I want send you the ISO with only 1.75 MB with Attachments (Your allocated attachment usage quota is Unlimited).
But:  413 Request Entity Too Large
What I'm make wrong?
Just send your Truecrypt Rescue ISO download link

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