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 Design ventoy 1.0.94
Added a "hot" button "F8" which automatically changes the font (and icon sizes, adjusting from under the font height) in a circle, which are added to the ventoy catalog and set in the main theme.

I will repeat the phrase from the official document (topic plugin section):
About the display resolution _fit (1.0.86+)

"It is well known that the effect of displaying background images, icons, text, etc. in a theme depends largely on the resolution. One theme can look beautiful in one resolution, but look ugly in another resolution..."

I offer my solution, which consists in sorting fonts of different heights for comfortable reading.
We add fonts of different sizes to the ventoy folder, for example:
dejavu_32.pf2, fixedsys-regular-32.pf2 and terminus-12.pf2
and that's what we get. Home Screen:
Press "F8":
Press "F8" again:
Press "F8" again:
The next press on "F8" will return the initial font.

Example video

For more information, see the "HELP" section in GUI plugin configurator -- VentoyPluson or in the files "Difference_original_version.txt ", "与原始版本的差异.txt " or "Difference_from_the_original_version.txt ".

fork website address with the source code


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