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 Proposed change in Global & Local VENTOY_CHECKSUM
The ability to use global ventoy_chcecksum is great news because separate checksum files don't clutter up the iso directory!

However, I suggest some improvement, because currently the user spends a lot of time doing checksum calculations just to see "value not found in global ventoy_checksum"

Ventoy should automatically:
1. First check if the name of the specific iso file exists in the ventoy_checksum file
2. Then Ventoy should check (according to the length of the checksum in ventoy_chcecksum) what the checksum is (MD5, SHA1, etc) and thus show the appropriate options:
- Calculate MD5
- Calculate and Check SHA256
- etc
3. Only then the user chooses the option that interests him

Try this CI release:
I don't know CI so I don't know what that means Wink
Does this mean that my proposal will be implemented?

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