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Support for Holo ISO
Hi ventoy Team, can add Support for Holo iso (steam OS) its not working with latest version
I tryed holoiso 4.0 
 have good day   Shy Shy
ISO file: HoloISO_4.0_OfflineInstaller-20221211_1636-x86_64.iso 
Ventoy: 1.0.84

I have tested the above ISO file on my laptop and it boot OK in both Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode.

So there must be something wrong when you tested it.

Besides, it's very importent to make sure that the ISO file was not corrupted during you copy to the USB.
So you must checksum the ISO file as follows:
[Image: filechecksum.gif]

You will get the result as in the attachment.

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