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DSL ISO won't boot
Image file download link (if applicable)

DSL is hard-coded to boot from a real CD/DVD drive.
Use the embedded/initrd version of DSL to boot from ISO.
That's it, thank you
So is there any way to boot that DSL ISO? I tried booting dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso with ventoy/grubfm/aioboot and it failed.
dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso - works ok LEGACY BOOT on E2B, grubfm (partnew) and Ventoy in compatible mode (ctrl-i) for me (under VBOX 5) ??
of course, DSL does not support UEFI.
On a shirt like vmware/vbox/qemu all booted successfully whether using ventoy or grubfm or aioboot, including dsl-4.11.rc2.iso, but on real machines there is always an error
dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso works OK for me with E2B, but under Ventoy menu system it may send output to the VGA monitor output rather than the HDMI output.
I have both VGA monitor and HDMI monitors on my PC and the VGA monitor shows DSL desktop but the HDMI monitor still shows the Ventoy menu but it is not responsive because it is actually running DSL and using the VGA output!
Under Ventoy:
Try Ctrl+i and F7 for text mode (and when it boots to grub prompt - try typing dsl vga=normal instead of just hitting ENTER)
you have 2 monitors so boot ok, on my laptop, even if i follow your instructions, boot still error
What error do you see?
P.S. On my IdeaPad 300 notebook I also needed the noacpi switch. So using Ventoy you need

ctrl+i  for compatible mode
F7 for text mode
at boot prompt after booting ISO, type  dsl noacpi

(note: not noapic  but  noacpi !!!)

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