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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem
the only way to get legacy mode for windows 7 or windows 10 to work is to make sure

step 1:

A) the drive you want to install to is in msdos/MBR mode with " boot flag " enabled and ALL GPT drives unplugged.


B) all drives on the system is formatted to msdos/MBR mode with at least 1 drive having the "boot  flag " enabled.

if you want to check this, then you can either use the command prompt in advanced mode on the windows iso


step 2:

add a linux mint 20-20.3 or LMDE5 to your ventoy stick
(Linux Mint 21 does not play nice with ventoy )

if you use linux mint you boot the live iso and search for a program called Gparted.

in Gparted on the right hand side you make sure the correct disk you want to format is selected. ( remember formatting / changing partition table types ) wipes all previous files on the drive
- under the " view " menu option you click on device information and it will tell you what type of format the drive is in either msdos/MBR or GPT
- under the " device " menu option you can create new partition table.

once that is sorted REMEMBER to right click "manage flags " click on boot option to make your msdos/MBR drive bootable.

and go back to step 1 A or B

please be aware that some newer hardware (especially laptops ) have a fake or emulated legacy MBR mode..

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