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Cannot access Partition 1 under Linux .vtoy
It is easy to understand from ventoy.json, because we can directly see which sections are in the json file.
But in the webpage it's difficault to implement the internal logic.

An active indication for each tab is better.
If both control and control_legacy tabs are active, then control_legacy will take effect.
Set VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU = 0 again will make  control_legacy tab inactive.

Anyway VentoyPlugson is just a simple tool to help to generate ventoy.json file. I don't want to spend too many time on it.
Since most of the users don't use multi-mode option (even they don't need ventoy.json),  if more and more users report the same confusition as you, I can remove multi-mode tabs from the page.(e.g. remove control_legacy/control_uefi.... and leave only control tab).

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