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I get the following message (from USB-Booting):

Tails is running from non-USB / non SDIO device
I use ventoy 1.0.80

Who can help me?

Kind regards

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You are using Qemu. So it is probably emulating the USB drive as a hard disk?
What have I do?
When you boot from the ISO, there is often a boot menu entry for Boot from External Hard Disk

Did you try that?

Or just boot from a real system.

Or edit the TAILS boot menu (press TAB if MBR booting or 'e' if grub2 UEFI-booting) and remove the live-media=removable  text.
Then boot by pressing ENTER (or F10 if grub2).

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I get the following error:

Unable to find a medium containing a live file system
Maybe you could provide some more information? I cannot read your mind you know and I am too far away to see what you are doing and my crystal ball is not working today.
Did you boot on a Real System (or QEMU)?
Are you legacy booting or UEFI64 booting?
What exactly did you do?
Did you try ctrl-r first?
Why not try ALL of these things and include name/model of target system and exact name of ISO.

I am booting on a real system.
When I am booting in a vritual machine everything is ok but when I start it
on a real system the above error comes :-)
I have a "Asus"- Motherboard (P6X58-DE) and a usb-stick (Sun Data/ 2.0 port) with 64GB storage.
The software is called:

How can I select  between "Legacy" or "UEFI64" booting ?

KInd regards

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When you boot to Ventoy, it will show the BIOS mode - look for version number of Ventoy (e.g. 1.0.80) and the mode (e.g. BIOS or UEFI).
Usually you can choose to boot either Legacy BIOS mode or UEFI mode by pressing an F key (e.g. F8) and then choose a boot option - e.g. USB: Sun Data or UEFI USB: Sun Data.
If you only get the problem on a real system then there must be a problem with that machine or BIOS.
'Unable to find a medium containing a live file system' means it cannot access the files inside the ISO file. This could be due to a memory fault. Did you try Ctrl+r (grub2) option in Ventoy? Did you try F1 (MEM) option? Did you try another system? Did you try different USB drive or different USB port?
A further question :-)

When I boot from USB-Stick without persistence, everything is ok :-)
But when I do this:

sudo sh -s 300 -t ext4 -l persistence -c persistence.conf -o persistence.img

I cannot boot :-(

How can I do this (add a persistence-mode)?

Kind regards

Not all linux distros support persistence.
Only these in the list tested:

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