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Ventoy AutoInstall Plugin - Ignore .xml ?
You guessed right...
Discovering the "unattend.xml" file and Ventoy in the same week made me lose my mind Smile

My "unattend.xml" file was not sufficiently filled out (for Ventoy's precision, not for Rufus' explanation by Steve above, thanks again to him).
Which prevented Ventoy from creating its "autounattend" file from what I could understand.

Regarding the "ProductKey" part, with the installation management assistant (ADK), I found the "Never" option.

I just tried, everything works perfectly !

I'm sending back my "unattend.xml" file as a model, to rename and adapt... if it can help other people in too much of a hurry... (and especially Steve > just redirect them here ^^).

Big thanks to Steve again !

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