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KB5012170: Security update for Secure Boot DBX
I think I see the same issue. very recently I am unable to boot a ventoy USB disk.
The machine is a windows 10, BIOS is set to UEFI secure boot. BIOS cannot be changed but I think it can be if I set a BIOS password?

I have two USB disks. One is 1.0.74 and the other is 1.0.79 (installed yesterday). Both open a screen which is mostly empty, black.
At the center there is a shield outline (with a lock inside) and below it says "Security Boot Fail". No other option, no key works.

Assuming this issue is related to a recent windows update, what is the status of this issue?
Is there a plan to enable ventoy to boot with secure boot enabled?

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RE: KB5012170: Security update for Secure Boot DBX - by eyal - 09-02-2022, 11:51 PM

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