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(07-30-2022, 08:01 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: 1. When booting from a VHD in Ventoy, the VHD must be fully installed first.
i.e. Install Windows to a disk with boot partition and system partition+VHD.
Boot to OOBE
Create user account, etc.
Reboot several times until stable Desktop
Now copy VHD to Ventoy USB disk.

2. Should be no difference. Usually rear USB ports tend to be more reliable. Check device and USB cable for faults?

3. Dynamic VHDs can be expanded, but the media (USB drive partition) must contain enough free space.
If the VHD cannot be expanded because you do not have enough free space then it will crash. It is safer to use a Fixed VHD because if you fill up the USB drive with files and then boot to Dynamic VHD, it may try to expand and then crash.
It helped me a lot. Thanks !!!

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