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Unable to boot a VHD of medicat with Ventoy 1.77
(07-17-2022, 09:15 PM)Digi-O Wrote: Hi,
I'm using VM Ware Player 16.2x. How do you format a ventoy usb with NTFS and keep the correct ventoy partition layout? When I format the 1st. data partition with NTFS the 1mb space after the efi partition is lost. I went back to using mbr, fat & exfat for the ventoy disk.

All I did was to select the drive letter for "Ventoy" in Windows 10 and reformatted it to NTFS. The resulting Ventoy USB with the NTFS data partition booted just fine, I was able to boot various ISO's on that Ventoy USB. I did not look at the partition layout post-format, sorry.

(07-17-2022, 09:15 PM)Digi-O Wrote: Are you using a ventoy_grub.cfg for booting vhd(x)s. Do you use the boot conf replace & menu extention options? Right now when I press the F6 option at the Ventoy menu, the ventoy_grub.cfg menu setup only flashes briefly. How does ventoy use ventoy_vhdboot.img if it isn't called by the *.cfg file?


No, I'm strictly following the instructions here, no more, no less:
So all I did was to place ventoy_vhdboot.img in a "ventoy" folder on the ventoy partition and place the VHD in the root folder. That's it.

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