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Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language
Ventoy (today's release) has an interesting bug here ...  Confused

My motherboard is an MSI B550 A-Pro with the latest Beta BIOS (AGESA After upgrading my Ventoy USB stick and enabling Secure Boot, I rebooted my machine to enable Secure Boot in my BIOS and attempt to enroll the key. Upon entering the BIOS, the language settings becoming a hodgepodge of Chinese, Spanish, and English that navigation for me was impossible!  Cry

Once the Ventoy USB is removed and the PC is rebooted back into BIOS, the issue is gone - everything is in English. 
However, if the Ventoy USB stick is re-inserted and I enter BIOS after another reboot, the corrupted language issue resurfaces. 

I'm positive that this issue can be recreated across all MSI B550 and X570 motherboards and isn't unique to my B550 A-Pro ...  Dodgy

Furthermore, as long as my Boot Device Order was set to UEFI USB stick first followed by Windows Manager (i.e my M.2 drive), if I let my motherboard attempt to boot the Ventoy stick since it's first in the boot order, a blue OK box appears in the lower right corner. If I press ENTER, two "unable to boot file" errors appear in white text near the center of my screen and a 10 second boot countdown occurs, after which my M.2 drive is booted and I'm back into Windows. Since this is a continuous loop, the issue prevented me from enrolling the key. But I stumbled on a solution by accident. I set my Boot Device Order in my BIOS to M.2. drive first and UEFI USB stick last, and saved my BIOS settings. Once my system restarted, I pressed F11 to bring up the Boot Override BBS and manually chose the Ventoy stick. I was then able to follow the prompts to enroll the Secure Boot key and upon reboot, Ventoy launched without issue and even booted to a Linux Mint LIVE CD!  Big Grin

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Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language - by BatRastard - 06-13-2022, 09:15 PM

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