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Ventoy does not install
Hello everyone, I specify that I do not know English and I wrote in Italian and then use an automatic translator, so if you find written things not understandable have patience and ask for clarification.

I have a problem with the installation of Ventoy on Windows 10 Enterprise.

I had a version just above 1.0.50, since it had recently I clicked on the "Update" button, the result was that ventoy stopped working.

I picked up Ventoy 1.0.72 and installed it from scratch, which doesn't even install.
I thought that, as sometimes happens, some software versions come out that have problems and I waited for the next version, but this one doesn't install either.

I found an old version, 1.0.18, in my pc, I try to install it and.... IT INSTALLS, too bad it doesn't work, I send Ventoy to hell.

After a while I see that 1.0.74 has been released and I try with this, failure confirmed.

I start to investigate, and in the log file I find an "Error 5" message.
I search on the net and I find some things that, for me that I am less than a software expert, are not very understandable.
In an answer, however, I find a feasible thing "first of all try to disable the antivirus" (I use the Windows one), I try it and Ventoy installs!

Could someone please explain to me why Ventoy used to install and now it doesn't anymore, unless I disable the antivirus?

Thank you.
You have installed or updated your antivirus software.
For instance Acronis AV will block some sector writes to USB drives.
Hi Steve, sorry I'm late.
If by antivirus you mean AV other than Windows no, because I use that.
If it is meant in a general sense the Windows AV does its updates regularly.
So you are sure no AV like Acronis Cloud Protect or other Service is visible in Task Manager?
Did you check your USB drive?
e.g. FakeFlashTest.exe

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