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How to find the flash drive in GRUB for a cat command?
Hi, I'm using Ventoy for a new recovery disk at my workplace's IT department.
On the extra GRUB menu (/ventoy/ventoy_grub.cfg), I have a menu item that runs a cat command to display what software versions are used on the disk. Currently the menu item entry is programmed like this: (some parts I've pulled from Ventoy's other partition under Linux, like vtInputKey)
menuentry 'Read VERSIONS.txt' --class=F5tool {
    cat (hd0,gpt1)/VERSIONS.txt
        echo -e "\nPress ENTER to exit..."
        read vtInputKey
This works on a majority of machines I've tested, a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, a VMware VM, and an HP envy laptop of unknown model. But on some machines, GRUB can't find the file listed. I theorize that the exFAT partition is mounted at a different path depending on the computer's configuration. 

Is there a way to figure out where the exFAT partition is mounted, so that the cat command would work every time?

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How to find the flash drive in GRUB for a cat command? - by grizzogor - 04-29-2022, 07:05 PM

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