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Design ventoy (support for setting different backgrounds for different folders).
google translate:
In the video, , ventoy is installed on an external SSD disk with a capacity of 256GB. 8 themes are used:
- main menu,
- external menu(launching ventoy_grub.cfg),
- file manager (the idea and the main part of the code is nguyen ha thai trong, the author of the topics on the forum "grubfm_ventoyfm iso" and "ventoyfm1062")
- directory antivirus "/ISO/Antivirus"
- directory Windows Installation disks "/ISO/Install windows"
- directory linux Live-cd "/ISO/linux"
- directory the loaders "/ISO/multiboot"
- directory working with HDD,ssd,flash disks "/ISO/sistem utilit"

The difference from the original ventoy is only in adding code to the grub.conf file.
Native auto-search for files in { "VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT": "/ventoymenu" }, but this folder is empty and therefore will not be displayed in the main menu.
The second Auto-search is carried out by the built-in file manager. Launching iso, img files... carried out by ventoy. Launching text files
with the cat command. In the file manager mode, not all iso, img files are launched from partitions other than hd0,1.
But these files are not launched from these places by other programs - a1ive/grub2-filemanager and nguyentumine/AIO-Boot.

Disadvantage and a big request to help:
Icons, aliases, themes... added manually:
for example, I have
if   regexp '^\b.*[kK][rR][dD].*$' "${name_icon}"; then
        set icon="Kaspersky";
    elif regexp '^\b.*[dD][rR][wW][eE][bB].*$' "${name_icon}"; then
        set icon="drweb";
    elif regexp '^\b.*[eE][sS][eE][tT].*$' "${name_icon}"; then
        set icon="eset";
    elif regexp '^\b.*[aA][vV][iI][rR][aA].*$' "${name_icon}"; then
        set icon="avira";

in the ventoy.json file

    "menu_class": [
                "key": "krd",
                "class": "Kaspersky"
                "key": "drweb",
                "class": "drweb"
                "key": "eset",
                "class": "eset"
                "key": "avira",
                "class": "avira"

1. Therefore, the request is how to extract data from the ventoy.json file from the terminal (in the grub.conf file).
Maybe longpanda has some kind of function.
2. Or how to run a binary file. The analog in the linux terminal is ./path/file_name
3. How to transfer data from the grub.conf file to the label component file theme.txt .
An analogue of "menu_tip" in the file ventoy.json or +label {text = "@VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP@"... in the file theme.txt .

For example, launching Kaspersky Rescue Disk antivirus
(press "Ctrl+r" - "GRUB2 Mode" will be displayed at the bottom, in the center of the screen and ... that's it :) then start.)

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