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trying to install ventoy on internal HD
Linux + Bentoy

Multiboot from HDD
(01-17-2022, 09:51 AM)hyun9358 Wrote: Linux + Bentoy

Multiboot from HDD
Here's the problem bro "I want to install Ventoy at Number 6 (sda6) and Number 7 (sda7]."
There is no way.
First, though not 100%, you need to initialize the HDD before installing Bentoy.

video link below

Bentoy + Windows + Linux multiboot video.
Note please.
To install Ventoy on HDD, you must first boot into PE.

After initializing the HDD partition, you need to install Ventoy first. First you need to install Bentoy.

You can install Linux or you can also install Windows.

After that... set up in Ventoy or
You can set the boot priority in CMOS.

All hints have been given so far.

Learn the rest yourself.

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