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What's the matter?
There is absolutely no problem with that part.
(10-27-2021, 09:10 PM)hyun9358 Wrote: There is absolutely no problem with that part.

Have you found which part of Ventoy.json cause this problem?
Thank you for answer.
But they were all wrong.
It was a problem with the icon display in the theme setting file.
It worked fine until the previous version, but is it not supported by ventoy in the current version? Or if it's another error, I don't know.
The cause was an issue with the theme's icon transparency and scaling notation.
I've been testing for a few days trying to fix this issue.
Please share the theme for test.
Are you sure that it's OK util 1.0.55 and not OK with 1.0.56?
I'm sure.
This theme was used without any problems until the previous version.

A problem arose after the version upgrade.

The current one is working fine.
Can you share me the theme for test?
You can download the theme you are using from the link below.
How to reproduce the issue?
Which ISO files (just need a file name, the file content doesn't matter) do I need to put in the USB (in which directory).
Did the error displayed after boot into Ventoy? or do I need to enter some menu to trigger it?
Apply the linked theme.

Open the theme.txt file and apply the syntax below.

item_icon_space = 0
icon_height = 0
icon_width = 0

A value of 0 is transparent.
A value of 1 is the minimum size

In previous versions, 1 was applied, but some filenames had unwanted small dots.
Versioned and applied 0. The problem has occurred since then, and the current value of 0 also causes problems.
I can't reproduce the issue. 
I think I need to put the same ISO files to the USB (just some fake iso files with the same name is enough).

So please give your file and directory tree of your USB. Assume that the Ventoy USB drive letter is F:
you can run in cmd.exe as follows:
tree  F: /f /a > 1.txt

and upload the 1.txt.

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