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Problems booting VDisk on UEFI-only notebook

First, thanks a lot for developing this innovative USB boot tool.

My goal is to create a bootable USB drive with a customized Ubuntu Linux 20.04 based on VirtualBox images. It shall work on a (quite recent) Notebook
model called Tongfang GM7NG0R ( It is the first notebook I have which has no legacy boot support (so UEFI only, but secure boot is disabled).

What I did: I downloaded the Ubuntu ISO (ubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso) and installed it into a fixed-size VDI image as described on the "Linux vDisk Boot Plugin" page. EFI mode has been activated before installation, and the most recent vtoyboot script run. When I boot the USB and select the *.vdi.vtoy image, I see a short black screen and then the system immediately restarts. However, booting the exact same image (on the same USB drive) works fine on other Legacy Boot notebooks, and also on one other UEFI boot machine. Interestingly, on the "problematic" Tonfgang notebook, it is possible to boot the original Ubuntu ISO file using Ventoy.

What could I do to "debug" or resolve the issue? Any help to boot a vDisk on this notebook would be appreciated.
Maybe the same as

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