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Why won't Ventoy boot a Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file?
(05-05-2021, 06:45 PM)Steve2926 Wrote: I downloaded that ISO and tested using Virtual Box UEFI x64 (Ventoy 1.0.35 - Ventoy for Easy2Boot)
Boots fine for me and also OK on Lenovo IdeaPad 300.
Does your NUC have a UEFI64 BIOS  (not UEFI32)?
How much RAM does it have?
Can it Legacy boot?

I believe I discovered where the problem is, the BIOS in my Intel NUC was configured for UEFI boot only, so it only allows me to boot USB partition 1, I changed the BIOS to allow legacy boot, that way I can boot from USB partition 0 (also from partition 1), both alternatives bring me the Ventoy menu but only when I boot from partition 0, the Windows 10 instalation setup works, if I boot from partition 1, it doesn't.
Only legacy boot allows me to boot partition 0, so I wonder if someone without the possibility for legacy boot, can install Windows using the newest Windows 10 ISOs, and I say newest because old Windows 10 ISOs worked fine, without having to set boot legacy mode in BIOS, booting in UEFI from USB partition 1.
Hope I made it clear.

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