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boot.wim size limit
I have a  cn_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2019_x64_dvd_9c09ff24.iso
Hi Longpanda
I have found this one:
Anyway the filestructure seems to be equivalent to western install-discs.
With PE3_Builder I extended the size of the boot.wim to ~1440MB.
The resulting PE-Disk is named CN-PE5.
As expected it refused to boot from Ventoy disk.
Again compatible mode helped to make the ISO booting.
Give PE3_Builder a try on your own ISO and maybe you will find the reason for the misbehavior.

I made some Videos to show different situations.
CN-PE5 default boot 1min
CN-PE5 boot error 1min
CN-PE5 compatible mode 1min

PE3_Builder preview
PE3_Builder Download
PE3_Builder Video Walkthrough 13min

Thank you very much for sharing Ventoy.
Keep up the good work.

Best regards   T.

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