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Ventoy integration
Ventoy is already amazing as it is, and still keeps innovating to get even better.
So I would like to offer some suggestions for innovation in case they may be feasible and welcome… all aimed at helping Ventoy to fit in and integrate more with existing hdd usage, thereby making it even more useful and indispensable.
And at least it can offer some food for thought.

1.  Currently Ventoy can be installed on hdd and preserve some unused space after it, but it could be helpful to have option for allocating a specified amount for Ventoy use, and preserving whatever is remaining.

At the moment Ventoy overwrites the partition table for itself, oblivious to any existing contents, thereby losing bootable access to any remaining existing partitions which may have been deliberately preserved.
So to avoid losing existing partitions and their contents:

2.  Could Ventoy offer an option to detect existing partitions? and if so... 
3.  Could Ventoy have an option to install itself into the first partition to leave the remainder untouched?
4.  Or even better, could Ventoy have an option to select any chosen existing partition to install itself into?

Lastly, with the aim of integrating Ventoy into existing drives:

5.  Could Ventoy 'spoof' a version of windows (or linux) so that it could be recognised by subsequent installers (such as MX) and added to their grub menu? (the resulting menu entry could be changed later, eg: by grub customizer)
(this would allow other OS's to be installed after Ventoy without making Ventoy unbootable)

6.  Instead of always creating a new grub menu, perhaps Ventoy could have an option to add itself as an entry into an existing grub menu file if present?
(this would allow Ventoy to be safely installed AFTER other OS's)

7.  Ideally, could Ventoy offer 'discovery' of existing bootable partitions and add them into its Ventoy menu?
(this last feature would enable Ventoy to be added as a simple boot repair tool allowing non-booting OS's to be made bootable again from the Ventoy menu)

The ability to integrate with existing bootable drives, giving bootable access to all of Ventoy's ISO's as well as any previously installed bootable OS (or multiple OS's), would make Ventoy even more unique and powerful.

Thank you for your amazing creativity,

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