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[Question]Is it possible to change Layout?
[Question]Is it possible to change the Layout?

I already created a USB-HDD (320GB) with Ventoy and it works fine. 

Now to my question: I placed the ISO's in Directories named to /Windows/Windows 10, /Windows/Windows PE, /Linux, etc., etc.! Starting Ventoy I just get the file names of the ISO's listed but the Directory structure. It would be much easier to find a special ISO out of a bunch of other ISO's if the Directory structure would be listed at first, and click on the needed would open and show the ISO's of that Directory. Now it only shows all ISO's in alphabetical order. 

My plan is to add all needed ISO's on that 320GB HDD and that would be quite a bit! That USB HDD will be used also by my staff to service customers.

Thanks for any info.
Press F3, you will find a new world Smile
(01-10-2021, 02:51 PM)longpanda Wrote: Press F3, you will find a new world Smile
Thanks a lot for that info. will try later and if works fine I'll change that to the default mode.

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