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Extra Partition?
Well there's no problem booting, but I'm trying to make a self-duplicating USB stick, and even when I boot GParted Live in RAM mode, when I try to copy the two partitions onto another drive, the first partition copies fine (with the ISO files on it), but the second partition doesn't copy (the one with Ventoy on it), and it doesn't give the option to copy (it's gray/disabled).

I've tried just making a first partition (a smaller one) and copying the Ventoy second partition after that, thinking that maybe the second USB stick was too small, even though they're both supposed to be 16 GB (they're identical).  That allowed me to copy the second partition after creating the first one, but of course then I don't have my ISO files - though I thought I could at least test if it boots correctly and then worry about the ISO files after that.

But then I read somewhere that it won't boot, because it needs something put into the 1 MB before the partitions (I think it may be the MBR or GPT), and that GParted can't do that by copying partitions, and so I must copy the whole drive to clone it.  However, I think there's an option to add an MBR or GPT from the menu, so I think theoretically that should work, as long as I can get the partitions copied first.

And looking at your documentation it seems that the MBR/GPT is in fact stored in that first MB, so I guess it would work, except that I've tried to manually do that when directly installing other things onto it, such as Linux Mint, and it didn't cause it to be bootable, so it seems like when I do it manually it doesn't work. In fact, Ventoy is the only thing that I've ever managed to install that was able to make Linux bootable without having to rely on the copy of GRUB directly on my HD.

What do you think?

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