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Does not start Windows PE Gandalf Redstone 5
(12-10-2020, 07:20 AM)cscs Wrote: The virus is mostly coming from portable apps. Just remove some of these apps and you will be fined. OS itself has no issue.

Do you not understand how using mystery media from the net can actually fuck your system up in ways you cannot imagine?

Obviously you do not understand the risks in using unknown builds of proprietary OS/software so I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you.

Maybe you'd like to tell me how you can audit the code of proprietary software/OS, you can't. Perhaps you can provide me with a reproducible build for the OS, you can't. Saying, "OS itself has no issue" is bullshit. You are using black box mystery meat for an OS.

My earlier post in this thread with the warning message still applies. If someone is stupid enough to execute mystery code on their machine after reading the warning they deserve what they get. But this is something I've come to expect from Windows users.

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