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Installing the OS
(06-17-2020, 08:06 AM)EVee Wrote: Hi,
This may be a total noob question but please help me out here.

I managed to install Ventoy on a usb without problems and I can load Linux live ISO files without problem.
From what I read on the site and this forum it should be possible to actually install the OS so it is not the live version of the OS anymore.
And also it should be possible to run Win10 directly from the usb stick?

Can somebody point me in the right direction on how to do this? To me this is not clear from the documentation on the site or this forum.
Everywhere it just says to dump ISO file on the usb. So, is there a step I miss in preparing an ISO file?
Also my first go with making a multi boot usb.

This is possible. You can install Ventoy to the USB stick enabling the option to preserve space (see "Reserved Disk Space" section on this page).

Suppose you have a 32 GB USB stick with ~29 GB usable after formatting. Install Ventoy reserving ~27 GB and you will have a ~2GB partition to put the Linux ISO you want to install. Boot from the USB stick and you will be able to install the system to the ~27 GB you reserved (you can divide the 27 GB if you want and install multiple systems to the same stick by just swtiching the ISO in 1st partition).

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