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Where are the plugin download links?
Plugin Entrypoint
All the plugins and their related files must be in 
 directory in the first partition of the disk (along with the iso files and created by yourself). Directory and file names are case sensitive.

i cant find the plugins on the website to download? am i blind or what?

i just wanna have a text mode default ventoy text menu. 

    "control": [
        { "VTOY_DEFAULT_MENU_MODE": "1" },
    "theme": {
"file": "/ventoy/theme/065tema/065tema.txt",
    "display_mode": "CLI"


prepared a ventoy.json in \ventoy folder with the theme file above which has the code below:

    "theme": {
"file": "/ventoy/theme/065tema/065tema.txt",
    "display_mode": "CLI"

what s the problem here?

cant you add this text mode option to global plugin, @longpanda? i dont wanna mess with theme things..

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Where are the plugin download links? - by zolventh - 06-16-2020, 08:02 AM

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