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[SOLVED] Ventoy update/upgrade
Hi @all.

There are scant reports of anyone updating -- specifically from v1.0.21 to v1.0.22 -- with Ventoy installed to computer internal HDD/SSD.

I just tried to upgrade my setup (see and by booting a Linux Mint 20 livecd ISO image and issuing the following command in a terminal:

$ sudo sh -u /dev/sda

And got the following error:

/dev/sda does not contain ventoy or data corupted

Please use -i option if you want to install ventoy to /dev/sda

The system is working with no errors with v 1.0.21 -- except for what I reported in the "This is not a standard device and is not officially supported" thread ( -- and I can see all disk perfectly (plus they show up OK in Mint when I run '$ sudo fdisk -l').

[Image: sda1.png]

There was one positive upgrade report ( but I was still afraid it wouldn't work in my case, after other previous reports regarding different Ventoy versions, and so it is... Do I have to reinstall everything? Confused


I just tried Ventoy v1.0.22 for Windows -- because the Linux version apparently doesn't have the '-U' parameter -- and got only the "Install" button active, so "Update" is not an option...

[Image: ventoy-update.png]

As an alternative, is there any chance to perform the update manually? How? Huh

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