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(11-30-2020, 09:25 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: OK, thanks - that is not mentioned on

Also another issue...
If I select (for instance) the fourth folder in a menu, then the fourth ISO menu entry in that folder is automatically selected and not the first menu entry.
If I select the 7th folder, then the next menu has the 7th menu entry selected, etc.
Can each new menu start at the first menu entry?

By default, when you enter a sub-directory, the 1st menu entry will be selected. 
I modify it for a better experience when press ESC to return the parent directory.
For example, when you return back the 7th folder will still be selected (by grub2 default, 1st will be selected).

I will try to fix it. If can not be fixed, I will provide an option in control plugin.

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