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PXE Boot Ventoy
(09-14-2020, 03:59 PM)TobStar Wrote: Hi,

just wanted to now if it is possible to start ventoy by PXE Boot.
Ventoy GRUB program is built/coded to look for ISOs on its "boot" drive (in the 1st partition). If you want Ventoy to find and list the ISOs for boot selection, I dont see how this can be done via PXE.

IFF you merely want to "PXE boot" the Ventoy v121 ISO which creates a Ventoy bootable USB, then I can see how this could be done via PXE. As this v121 is an ISO and PXE could be setup to boot an ISO, even Ventoy's ISO for creating a USB; then this is possible to boot the ISO for building a Ventoy bootable USB.

You'll need to search the internet for instructions on PXE setup where it presents an ISO for booting. Most instructions exist for deconstructing an ISO contents and placing them properly for TFTP use. But, buried there are instructions for how to get PXE to boot the ISO file directly; that is without deconstructing it.

Hope this helps
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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