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Ventoy Fails To Boot on i386
I've installed Ventoy onto two different USB drives and both fail to boot on an i386.  I get "GR" in the upper left corner, then an error message about an invalid file system, and then it dumps me into a GRUB recovery command prompt.  The USB drives were 16 GB and 2 GB.  Both written successfully with the Windows version of the installer.

I was able to get the drives to boot on a newer x64 system and everything appeared to work properly there.  I was building the USB drive to stick some utilities on, like Clonezilla and DBAN, so it's not super-critical for it to work on "antique" hardware.  It didn't work and I'm trying to understand why.  I read the documentation pretty carefully and didn't see anything that indicated it wouldn't work on x32.

Thanks for any clarification... Huh Huh Huh

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Ventoy Fails To Boot on i386 - by Cdr. Data - 08-05-2020, 01:30 AM
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