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New User - I am a starting Dummy, with using powerful Ventoy
Accordingly to

Quote:UEFI and Puppy

At the time of writing, Puppy does not support UEFI. However, most Windows™ computers come with “legacy Bios” which you can enter to enable booting a Puppy boot media (optical or USB). Secure Boot must be turned off and you must make sure that the computer has fully shut down and not in a hibernated state.

Puppy does intend to support UEFI in the near future.

So whatever are the differences between Secure Boot on/off, it is not supposed to work under UEFI at all. Legacy/BIOS only is supported by Puppy Linux.

(07-16-2020, 07:41 PM)GCMartin Wrote: The ISO for viewing the boot difference is FATDOG V810 ISOs, a Puppy Linux 64bit derivative. With this ISO, I observe differences in boot when booting and trying to enter its MOK into the Secure Boot UEFI. Unable to do so, it has issues booting without attempting to enter its CER. NEXT, disabling Secure Boot in UEFI, the boot behavior of the ISO is different. I am sure this can be duplicated on your end.

Have you installed Ventoy to the USB following the instructions for Secure Boot compatibility (Options --> Secure Boot in Windows app or passing -s parameter in case of setup through Linux) and installed it's CER to the computer [ ] ?

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