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 Problem (maybe wrong understanding) with "Auto Script Select Timeout"
and maybe also "Default Auto Script ID"

to my understanding if i do not select a "Default Auto Script ID" but have one or more autounattend.xml's added shouldnd there be a possibility to select one and at second, even if i give a long 60 (i hope this are seconds) to the "Auto Script Select Timeout" it does not wait for an user input. 

Background is that i have some very complex autounattend.xml's which do different things. One leaves a very clean bloatwarefree win11 installation and the other lets install some of the microsoft tools somebody needs.

I could work around this problem with softlinks on to the images and specific configurations in iVentoy but i think a behavior like in Ventoy where i can select the autounattend.xml for my needs is by far better.

But hey, maybe only i have this problem.  Big Grin

Independend of that, great work even if Dell PCs and there BIOS/Efi starting to driving me crazy


I forgot, version is 1.0.19 on Ubuntu

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Problem (maybe wrong understanding) with "Auto Script Select Timeout" - by tiff - 01-31-2024, 12:15 PM

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